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Enjoy the convenience of sending money to your children studying abroad, your family in your home country or anyone overseas at any time with eRemit.

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Tips before you perform online remittance

  • Ensure the remittance service is backed by bank negara
  • Competitive rates across the board
  • Offers low service fee
  • Able to pay securely via online banking
  • Fast and seamless remittance service
  • Customer care is easily reachable for any assistance

  • Who are we?

    eRemit is Malaysia’s first licensed remittance service provider launched on 2011 that is wholly owned by a Malaysian company, Merchantrade Asia Sdn Bhd. It’s remittance services securely facilitates personal and business needs to transfer money internationally from a Malaysian Ringgit account.

    eRemit operates 365 days a year, providing money transfer services to major countries in including China, Indonesia, Philippines, India, Pakistan, Australia, UK & other 200 countries & territories.

    Why choose us?

    Great Exchanges

    Our low fees & great exchange rates ensure you send large amounts at low costs.

    Fast & Easy

    Sending money is simple, quick and hassle-free with our digital platform; online or mobile app. Send money anytime, anywhere - all year round.

    Safe & Secure

    We value your privacy and security. We employ the best encryption & data protection best practices.

    Win Lucky Draw Every Month - ABL Pakistan

    Receive your remittances from ABL and get a chance to win amazing prizes every month through lucky draw. This Promotion when you send money to Pakistan using ABL in eRemit. This promo is applicable for new & existing users of eRemit who have transacted using eRemit web, portal or app. This Promo is available for “Merchantrade’s eRemit Online Remittance” to Pakistan - ABL transactions.

    The promotion period is until 31st July 2021.


    Sending money just got simpler with eRemit! For a safer, faster and more convenient money transfer solution, try it today.

    • 1. Login & Perform transaction in eRemit
    • 2. Send any amount to Pakistan by using ABL
    • 3. Entitle for Lucky Draw!

    Merchantrade Asia Sdn Bhd (‘Merchantrade’) reserves the right to vary or withdraw this promotion at any time without prior notice.

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