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What is eRemit for Business?
Who is eligible to use eRemit for business?
How do I/we create an account with eRemit for Business?
What document required to Register?
Why do I/we need to submit company incorporation documents and MyKad or Passport of Authorised Persons and directors?
How can I/we send money?
When can I/we perform transaction(s)?
Can anyone from my/our company perform transaction(s)?
Are there any charges imposed on the beneficiary for e-Remit for business?
What is the exchange rate applicable for my/our transaction(s)?
How does my/our company make the payment to Merchantrade?
What are the available modes of payment to the beneficiary?
Can I/we amend or cancel transaction(s)?
Do I/we have to enter the beneficiary’s details every time I/we make the transfer?
How do I/we check the status of the company’s transaction(s)?
Do I/we get a receipt for the company’s transactions?
When will the beneficiary receive the funds and what is your service charges?
Why is the transfer to the beneficiary unsuccessful and funds returned?
How much can the company send?
How can I contact the Customer Care consultants?