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eRemit steps right in to answer any questions you have

International remittance is known to be exorbitant as many are paying up to 3% in fee charges. That’s RM30 for every RM1000 you remit. With more remittance companies popping up on the radar in recent years, people are no longer relying on traditional channels to send money abroad with the promise of faster turnaround times, and cost-effectiveness.

There’s also scepticism around newer players – are they regulated? Is it reliable? How will I know my money reaches the recipient?

Well, eRemit steps right in to answer any questions you have.

Being in the Money Services Business (MSB) for over 15 year, we have established our footing in helping our customers to send money abroad. In 2008, we decided to take this service online after receiving our approval from Bank Negara Malaysia or Central Bank of Malaysia, we launched the eRemit app where customers are able to send money on-the-go.

Our exchange rates are the lowest in the market with low transfer fees giving you the best deals right on your phone! It’s really simple to send money abroad!

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