Business Payments


What is eRemit Business Payments?

eRemit Business Payments is an online global money transfer service offered by Merchantrade Asia Sdn Bhd to facilitate international commercial payments for your business. It also includes international payments from companies to individuals.


Who is eligible to use eRemit Business Payments?

Any company or enterprise registered under Companies Commission Malaysia (SSM).


How to apply for eRemit Business Payments?

A one time registration is required. Please visit, click on the Business button to complete the Online Registration Form and upload the relevant identification documents.


For Enterprises : -Sole Proprietorships /Partnerships

  1. Form D - Certificate of Registration.
  2. NRIC/Passport Copy of Authorised Person to access the online portal to perform transactions on behalf of the enterprise. (mininum two persons is required).
  3. Owner's/Partners NRIC Copy.
  4. Letter of Authorisation (in the Company's Letter Head) refer to sample Letter of Authorisation.


For Private Limited Companies (Sdn Bhd)

  1. NRIC/Passport Copy of Directors or Key Responsible Person.
  2. Letter of Authorisation (in the Company's Letter Head).
  3. Form 9 - Certificate of Incorporation.
  4. Form 24.
  5. Form 49.
  6. Memorandum & Article of Association (M&A).
  7. NRIC/Passport Copy of Authorised Person to access the online portal to perform transactions on behalf of the company. (a mininum of two persons is required).


4) How do I send money through eRemit Business Payments?

  1. Click on "Member Login".
  2. Authorised person to enter Login ID and Password, click "Login".
  3. Click on "My Beneficiary" then select "Add Beneficiary" to create beneficiary profile.
  4. Click on "My Transaction" then select "Transfer Now".
  5. Complete the transfer details, select "Beneficiary" from the drop down list of beneficiaries and click the "Transfer" button.
  6. Select your company's preferred bank account and authorise your payment through the FPX payment gateway.


When can I perform transactions?

You may perform transactions with us as follows:

Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm, Saturday 9am to 1pm. (except on Sundays and Public holidays).


Can anyone from my company perform a transaction?

Only registered authorised person of the company may perform transactions. Please refer to the sample of Letter of Authorisation.


Why do I need to submit company incorporation documents
i.e. Form D or Form 9, 24, 49, etc and MYKAD or Passport of Authorised Persons and directors?

Identification Documents (ID) are necessary for verification as part of our registration process as well as to comply with regulatory requirements.


Are there any charges imposed on the beneficiary for eRemit Business Payments?

No charges will be imposed on the beneficiary except for transactions via SWIFT, as the correspondent banks may deduct a handling fee, therefore your beneficiary may receive the transfer amount less the SWIFT charges.


What is the exchange rate?

The conversion exchange rate applicable shall be the exchange rate displayed at the time the User’s authorised person approves the transaction in the system. *(Rates are subject to change without prior notice)


How do I make the payment to Merchantrade?

Authorise payment through FPX payment gateway when completing your transactions.


What are the available modes of payment to the beneficiary?

Direct bank account credit transfer.


How much can I send?

The online business remittance service is subject to the maximum allowable limit as determined by the regulator or Merchantrade’s internal policy.


Why is the payment unsuccessful and funds returned?

The most common reasons are incorrect details (e.g. beneficiary’s account number) being submitted on the payment. You will be notified via an email along with the reasons of failure if a Transaction fails.

Please note that the amount to be refunded may not be the full amount due to deduction of bank charges. Service charge inclusive of GST will not be refunded.


Can I make amendments to transactions made?

Amendments can only be done if the transaction has not been paid or credited into the beneficiary’s account. Kindly contact our customer care at immediately for any change request.

Merchantrade Asia Sdn Bhd shall not be responsible for any payout to the wrong person or entity arising from any erroneous data input by the Sender.


How do I check the status of my transactions?

You may login to your eRemit Business Payments account to check the status of your transactions at any time (simply click on the "Transaction History” tab found on the main page).


Do I get a Tax Invoice for my transactions?

Certainly. For every successful transaction, you will be issued with a Merchantrade tax invoice.